Our head coffee roaster ‘Han’, had a lot of experience with roasting single-origin coffees for 10 years.

He is crazy about coffee roasting.

For example, sometimes he using sous-vide temperature control water bath for maintaining coffee green bean temperature before roasting.

And also he used liquid nitrogen for cooling coffee right after roasting for keeping flavours.

Roaster ‘Han’s coffee roast log for competition

Panama Hacienda Don Julian Pacamara (2016 Crop) – 2017 Brewers cup Champion Nara Lee

Costa Rica El Diamante Anaerobic – 2017 Braista Championship 5th place Nara Lee

Panama Hacienda Don Julian Pacamara (2017 Crop) – 2017 World Brewers cup Championship Total 23rd place Nara Lee

Panama Finca Nuguo Geisha – 2019 Barista Champion Dove Chen

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