2 NZ coffee champion’s coffee we roast

Our head coffee roaster ‘Han’, had a lot of experience with roasting single-origin coffees for 10 years.

He is crazy about coffee roasting.

For example, sometimes he using sous-vide temperature control water bath for maintaining coffee green bean temperature before roasting.

And also he used liquid nitrogen for cooling coffee right after roasting for keeping flavours.

Roaster ‘Han’s coffee roast log for competition

Panama Hacienda Don Julian Pacamara (2016 Crop) – 2017 Brewers cup Champion Nara Lee

Costa Rica El Diamante Anaerobic – 2017 Braista Championship 5th place Nara Lee

Panama Hacienda Don Julian Pacamara (2017 Crop) – 2017 World Brewers cup Championship Total 23rd place Nara Lee

Panama Finca Nuguo Geisha – 2019 Barista Champion Dove Chen

Do you know? we are making bacon.

Every week, we are making our own bacon.

It is little bit complicate story.

  1. Seasoning pork belly with 12 different spices and house-made orange paste.
  2. Vacuum pack and curing
  3. Smoke with manuka chips for 3 hours
  4. Cool down and slice the bacon

Too much effort for 1 ingredients. But it is real.

We love food. We want to share our good things.

PID Temperature control Hario V60 (test version)

From our coffee dripper temperature change research, we decide to make a temperature control coffee dripper.

First, we tried to use sous vide. It was a nice idea, but too big and dangerous for use. Because the electric power plug stays just next to the water bath.

That is why we choose electric heat wire and PID controller.

Nara record 1st place in 2017 NZ Brewers Cup Championship with this coffee dripper test version.

first tool we made, sous vide V60

For 2016 NZ Brewers Cup Championship.

Nara Lee and Han Sol Kim made sous vide hario v60. The idea is simple and good. Put hario v60 coffee dripper in water bath.

It works well. This tool make consistent coffee every time.

Nara record 4th place in 2016 NZ Brewers Cup with Ethiopia Duromina.

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